What is social enterprise?

Supporting Social Entrepreneurs in Ohio

What to know about these innovative business models.


When business and philanthropy combine.

Social Enterprises are businesses started by entrepreneurs who want to make a social impact. More than just a part of their business, being leaders of change is why they’re in business.

Some Social Enterprise Models

You may already be supporting businesses taking these common approaches to social entrepreneurship.

Solving Social Needs


The Power of Social Enterprise

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Social Enterprise FAQs

A revenue-generating business with primarily social objectives that’s driven by the community instead of shareholders.

They authentically bring purpose full-circle. Businesses exist to support causes they’re passionate about. Consumers feel good about supporting businesses that align with their values. Social problems are solved and local communities grow stronger.

Sometimes! Financial sustainability and success are key components of social enterprise. By diversifying their revenue streams through sales, grants and other innovative models, these businesses have greater control over their growth and the social impact they have.

Not exactly. Many businesses support social initiatives, but for social enterprises, having a positive social impact is part of their mission from the very beginning—which proves far more successful in the long-term compared to organizations who adopt a social mission later on.

Social entrepreneurs, investors, foundations, non-profit leaders, government officials, volunteers and most importantly, YOU!

Because the purpose of our festival is to encourage the community to purchase directly from social enterprises, participating vendors receive all of the proceeds from their sales.

No. The festival—whether held virtually, in-person or a combination of both—is free for all to attend. We may offer presale packages for discounts on food, drinks and merchandise with those proceeds going toward supporting festival operations like securing venues.

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Put your money where your community is!

Landscapers, caterers, movers and more—there are social enterprises nearby that you can support. Our friends at SocialVentures have gathered them all in one convenient marketplace.